Mystery Shopping Made Simple

August 6th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

Have you ever wondered what mystery shopping is and what it can do for you?

Then just imagine how you would feel if you got $10 to $150 every time you went shopping. That is what mystery shopping can do for you – paying you for what you enjoy doing anyway!

Sounds unbelievable?

Then let me tell you that as you read this article you will find that mystery shopping is real and makes sound business sense.

Here’s mystery shopping at its most simplest…

So what’s mystery shopping? You do the shopping as you do everyday. What is different is that when mystery shopping you are something more than a normal customer.

While buying and paying for things, you are also sizing up the establishment. But you do it in such a way that the business staff doesn’t suspect that you are there to check upon them.

This is why it is called mystery shopping. Some call it secret or undercover shopping also.

But who would pay you for spying upon businesses? Surprisingly the businesses pay you for snooping on themselves. And for a good reason.

To understand why they do this, imagine you are running a business. Then as a smart businessman you know that if you want to make money you need customers. But you also know that people would come to you only if you treat them right.

Now if you are running a single store you can easily see if your customers are getting the right treatment. And you can readily take action where necessary.

But what if you have a big business with a number of retail outlets?

You can’t go to every one of them everyday to see how your sales people are treating ustomers. The best you could do would be to drop in on one your outlets now and then. Now you can fairly expect your employees to act well with the customers while you are with them. But this may not be so when you are not around. If that is so you are losing customers and the profits

So how to know what’s happening behind your back? The best way is to get a mystery shopper. She visits your business as a normal customer, buys and pays for things. But at the same time she is mentally noting down what you asked her to find: Was everything neat and clean? Did she have to wait unnecessarily? Did she get the service with a smile? And so on.

Obviously this information tells what changes to make to improve customer satisfaction which means more money for you. So you are glad to pay the mystery shopper for the service she did for you.

After reading this far you know that mystery shopping is a useful business activity after all. So it follows that you can make money if you mystery shop for a business.

So where to find shopping jobs? The internet is the obvious choice. For one, search for shopping jobs on the net yourself.

The other – and maybe easier -option is the various membership mystery sites which list the most current jobs available. The good ones also give you helpful tips and advice for succeeding as a mystery shopper.